Who are we?

We are a small Polish game development studio founded by a group of enthusiasts, located in Wroclaw, Poland. Before joining The Rolling Monks, each of us had worked in different field: creating dedicated software solutions, running a company, teaching at the University, creating 3D art. We have met thanks to GameDevSchool course in Warsaw. Together, we have created a team of people with various skills - in design, business, graphics, programming. Each of us is different but we all have one thing in common - passion for games. Passion which we are trying to include in our games!

What do we do?

Currently we are working on 2D platformer game called 'Jimmy'. 

Jimmy is a 2D platformer game about the evolution from a monkey to a human in strange world after apocalypse from outer space. Join the adventure, gather items and craft new ones, fight mutated animal enemies and some bad guys from space. Save the Universe!

What else?

New ideas

our designer has each day!

Lines of code

we have already written.

Mugs of coffee

we have already drunk



Piotrek 'vezyr'

Programmer, Board member


Graphic Designer


Game Designer

Kasia 'Defcia'

Graphic Designer